Monday, September 8, 2008

Utah State Fair 2008

Today Kathy, Ethan, and I went to the Utah State Fair. I was very excited to spend the day with Kathy and eat delicious fair food. We arrived a little after the park opened and went to see all the exhibits and animals. Ethan liked all the art work and even said "HI" to statues of little boys. It was totally cute. After going to the emergency preparedness area, and watching a little bit of the reptile show we headed to find some food. Kathy is still in boot camp so we got chicken and went to the see the Indian Tiger show. It was so amazing. I told Kak that when I go to heaven I will have Big Kittys like that.

After the show we headed over to see the live stock. We first visited the goats. Ethan loved them. He pet them, said hi and walked around the pens. We also saw pigeons, Huge beautiful cows, and stinky smelly pigs, Yuck.

So I didn't get to eat any deep fried snickers, or funnel cake, but Ethan and I did have a wonderful day with Kathy. We will have to make it a tradition.

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Adriana said...

How come you weren't worried that huge cow wouldn't eat you guys :D or was it a bull? So much for my farm animal recognition :)
Anytime I see you wear those shoes I am amazed that you still have them :)
You and Ethan looked very cute in that picture:) Are you planning any trips down here? We miss you guys!