Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This past weekend Lizzy came to hang out with me before she returned home for Christmas. I was so excited because I had a fun Saturday planned. We went to Sandy, through the snow covered roads, to my friend Denise's house. We had planned a scrapbooking afternoon so I could work on all my pictures. I got 21 pages done (thanks to Lizzy) and I was totally excited. Then we were able to go to dinner with Kathy. Dinner was good and the company was even better. It's times like these that make me wish we could live closer to the people we love. After dinner we went and saw Twilight. I didn't go in with high expectations. Some of the shots were strange and the makeup wasn't very good, but hopefully they will do a better job on the next movie.
The most hillarious part of the day was when I received this texed from Aaron: I just had to pull mac-n-cheese out of Ethan's nose with tweezers! He got pissed when I told him NO (while putting the macaroni in his nose) and then he got very nervous. Poor guy. Stupid dad
I laughed so hard that I couldn't even tell Lizzy and Kathy why I was laughing. Hopefully you will laugh too.
Thanks Denise, Kak and LaLa for hanging out with me. I really needed the break. And special thanks to Aaron for having a wonderful day with your son and not complaining.

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Aaron said...

I don't know who was more nervous; me or Ethan. He had no idea what he was doing until I freaked out. Then we both went into a panic!