Sunday, October 13, 2013


 I am a sleeper.  I love to sleep in, take an afternoon nap, and go to bed early.  I am so very lucky that all my kids have been great sleepers.  Ethan was still taking a nap half way through kindergarten.  Landon is such a good boy to take a nap every afternoon, usually in his bed, which gives me time to get something done or take a nap myself.  Lily pretty much goes back to sleep about an hour after getting up from a nap.  I sure do love these beautiful sleeping kids.  


Lizzy said...

They are so cute! I love how Lily's leg is sticking out from the mama roo, and that Landon's nose is shoved up against the arm rest. They got their mom's sleeping genes!

todd said...

You are so blessed!!

J. said...

LOL! Lily looks like she is having the best sleep ever! Landon must be in a dead to the world sleep to have his nose smooched and keep on sleeping. What great kids! I miss them.