Sunday, January 15, 2012

Landon's Two!

Ok so I know that Landon's Birthday was 2 months ago, but I could not not write about it. We just had a little get together with us and my family. I made a Birthday cake, we sang, and then we opened his presents with my family.

Landon loves to blow out the flame on the lighter, but little does he know is that Aaron just takes his thumb off the igniter and the flame goes away. So when Landon was trying to blow out the candles on his cake he just kept blowing and blowing and blowing and they weren't blowing out. It was very funny and we eventually had Ethan help him blow them out.

Landon's stats at age 2.
Height: 35.5 inches 75%
Weight: 24.5lbs 10%
Head: 48.8cm 50%
We sure love our little guy. He is such a snuggle bug. As soon as you pick him up he lays his head on your shoulder. It is enough to make you melt. He also loves to have stories read to him. He copies everything his brother does and says. I love to hear the boys playing with each other and listening to them when they run around the house chasing each other. Ethan likes to say "What the Heck" (Thanks Aaron) and just the other day Landon was saying "What the heck" I would have to say it was cute and not cute at the same time. Landon is still a good sleeper he takes an afternoon nap, and then goes to bed at around 7:30. I love to put him to bed. We just rock and sing songs and he lets me tickle his back. It is one of the best times of my day because it is a time I can just spend with him and not be distracted. We sure do love that little guy and can't wait to see how much he learns and grows this next year.


Lizzy said...

He looks so big in the second picture! Must be the haircut! I love that guy! You have the best family, I love you!

Aaron said...

He actually snuggles with you when you put him to bed? He just crams things in my mouth and laughs at me. I look forward to laying him in his crib and shutting the door! ;)

Love you Lan-man!

J. said...

What a big boy! "What the heck?" It could be worse :)