Friday, January 15, 2010

Best Baby Ever!

Landon is such a funny sleeper. He prefers to have his face squished against something, either my chest or the floor. It is pretty hillarious.

He falls asleep pretty much anywhere and is such a joy to have around.

He is very content just sitting in a chair or the swing.

He also loves to watch movies with his Dad and Brother.

We love our little boy and count our blessings daily having him in our lives.


Adriana said...

He is a DARLING!!!!!

It has been fun to catch up on your blog :D
That was pretty cool that you got to do all those things at the firehouse :D
and by the way, you look AMAZING! I hope you feel great, too :D

SoyBean said...

CUTE! I love the picture of him sitting on the couch.

todd said...

can't wait til you guys get her to visit. Landon is getting big so fast.

todd said...

or here

Aaron said...

I love listening to him try to talk and watching him smile is the best! We sure a blessed parents.

Aaron said...

Whatever Todd has I caught it... I meant, "We sre ARE blessed parents."

Corene said...

He looks so different already! What great couple of kids you have.