Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Randomness in October 2014

 This is me with Ethan (7 yrs old), Lily (16 months old), and baby Violet in my belly.  One more month until she is here
 Lily is such a great eater.  She loves all veggies and had fun chowing down on this corn on the cob.
 Every time I look at Ethan I still can't believe how big he is getting.  
 Landon and Lily are waiting for their Daddy to get out of the bathroom so they can play.
 Diaper head!  Our silly little girl.
 Ethan and Landon play so well together.  Landon loves when his brother finally gets home from school and they can play together, after homework is finished.

 Oh how I love these three.  Watching a show and eating ice cream on a stick before bed.
 Ethan is so great to share his ice cream with Lily.  Whenever he has food she will follow him around saying "bite, bite"  it is the cutest thing ever.


todd said...

Ethan sharing his ice cream with Lily is a classic! I've been chuckling about it all day.

J. said...

Ha ha! I love the kids waiting at the bathroom door for Aaron.