Thursday, March 26, 2015

Halloween 2014

 Lily was a Ladybug this past Halloween

 Landon and Ethan were both Ninjas

 Classic eyes closed picture, about 1 more week until Violet arrived

 The boys have such a fun time running from house to house in our neighborhood.
 Oh my goodness, Lily is so cute!


J. said...

Ethan and Landon are so big and so silly! Lily is the cutest lady bug ever! Alice, you are the cutest pregnant lady ever! You literally look like 'pregnant lady' was your Halloween costume and you just put a really big ball in your shirt.

J. said...

Ok, I have to make more comments about Lily. I'm totally laughing at her full cheeks and the mini Reeses' in one hand. Cracking up at what looks like her trying to eat a bag of unopened M&Ms. Also, she is two fisting what looks like nerds and a Hershey's bar. This is made all the more funny by the fact that just a few posts ago you were commenting how much she likes veggies! Hahaha. I'm sure she loves veggies, but candy wins this post. You've got to love Halloween.
Does Lily's sweet tooth rival Landon's?

todd said...

That's how I eat M&Ms too!!