Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy Birthday!

 This post is a little bitter sweet.  I celebrated my 32nd birthday this December.  It is strange to think that I am that old/young.  I still feel like I just graduated high school, but my Dad tells me that he still feels that way too.  I had to work this year on my birthday, but that is ok because I love my job and I was able to go to birthday lunch with my office.
 I was running a lot before I got pregnant with Lily, but since I got so sick during the pregnancy I just got out of the routine.  I asked Aaron, and the kids for some things to help me get back into the habit. 
 I got wireless headphones that I can download music to to keep my running pace.  I also received a Withings pedometer.  It is so sweet!  It tracks my steps, heart rate, the miles I have gone, calories burned, and how many hours I sleep.  It has an app that it syncs to on my phone.  I have really loved having it to motivate me to get my butt moving.  
I also got a new phone!!  My old one was so slow and wouldn't keep a charge.  I also got a Withings Scale that can download my progress to my phone on the Withings app.  It is so fun having a husband who knows how to buy good tech things.   I also got a book from Lizzy (which I am already half way through), a new pair of pants from my parents, a pizza stone and cookie rack from Josie, and money from my wonderful in-laws.  It is nice to be so loved.  Thank you Aaron for making my December birthday truly special.  You make a delicious chocolate cake :)


Lizzy said...

Hooray! You've started reading the book! You will have to tell me how it was, since I haven't read it yet. Love you!

Alice said...

You look great in these photos!

todd said...

We'll have to pick a race to run in together.

J. said...

I got mom a similar fitbit tracker for Christmas. You'll have to rave about it to her so that she sets it up and starts using it.
I'm glad you had a such a great birthday. Miss you!