Saturday, December 28, 2013

6 Months

 Wow! We can hardly believe that our little girl is 6 months old.  
 Lily is our little roller.  She is has been rolling since about 5 months.  If you put her on her back she will immediately roll onto her tummy, unless she can hold onto her toes. 
 Lily is still a really great sleeper.  She takes 3 to 4 naps a day and goes to bed at around 6pm.  She does wake up once in the middle of the night to be changed and fed, but goes right back to sleep until 7:30am.  I really love snuggling her in the middle of the night. 
 Lily loves to play in her jumper.  She is so cute spinning around in the chair and playing with all the toys surrounding her.
 Lily is loving eating "real" food.  She wasn't sure at first about peas, but she really loves eating all of the fruits and veggies now.  She also loves her oatmeal and rice cereal.  I love that she is such a good eater.
 Lily has also started to scoot/crawl around.  Pretty much anything on the floor she finds her way to and sticks it into her mouth.  I have told the boys many times that they can not leave their Lego's on the floor.  Hopefully someday they will pick them all up after playing.  
6 Months Stats
Height: 26 inches,60%
Weight: 14.2 lbs, 20%
Head Circ.: 16.5 inches, 30%

Lily is still tall is slim for her age group, but you couldn't tell by her cheeks.  We are so in love with our little girl and hope she continues to be happy and grow.


todd said...

As you know, you mom is freaking out about missing everything. Our three day weekend has now turned into five. See you soon, or I should say we will see Lily soon!!

J. said...

5 days?! I am so jealous.