Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting Ready

We have been getting our yard ready for grass, and can I just say that I am so excited! It has been leveled and we are working on putting in our garden and the flower beds. The boys have had such a fun time playing in the big dirt piles and I have loved watching them running around outside, but I will be very excited not to wash as many muddy/dirty clothes.

We are laying the sod and doing the retaining wall ourselves to save some money. I hope it is all worth it. Doing all this manual labor has made me realize I am not as strong as I thought I was.


Lizzy said...

Your Yard is so beautiful, I'm so excited to see how awesome it is with grass! Next time I come, can we do wheelbarrow races?

Aaron said...

AND we're doing the flag-stone patio ourselves! :) Anyone feel like helping?

I love that picture of Landon running across the yard with his hoodie on. He looks like he's getting a serious workout.

Post pics of the boys jumping on the tramp!

J. said...

That is an awesome mountain of dirt! I want to play on it too.