Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hogle Zoo

Monday was such a fun day. Kathy and I both had the day off, so we headed to the Zoo. The weather was perfect, and it was nice to get out of the house and walk all morning.

The Hogle Zoo has a new baby elephant. He was so cute playing around his mommy.

We got to see the Rinos up close. Did you know that they have hair on their horns? At least we thought it was hair.

We also saw the cute little penguins and they even swam in the pool for us.

Ethan loved seeing all the animals, and he was such a good boy.

I even got to see my favorite animals, the big Kitty's, and we got to see Kathy's favorite, the giraffes.

Check out my little Monkey. Don't you just want to squeeze him?

It was such a fun morning and we can't wait to do it again.


Anonymous said...

Oh we love Hogle zoo! Those pictures are simply adoreable and Monday was such a beautiful day! Looks like fun!

Hogle Zoo said...

Your pictures and day at Hogle Zoo were really fun to read about! And you're right about rhino horns, in fact, they're made of compressed keratin fibers-- the same protein in hair!

Aaron said...

Holy smokes! Hogle Zoo in following your blog...

J. said...

You should write Hogle Zoo in all of your blogs and see if they will always comment. Ask animal trivia and I bet the will!
Looks like fun. I wish I was coming next week too!

Hogle Zoo said...

Is "J" testing us?


Kathryn, Kathryn Gowers said...

Whoa! I'm a little impressed and a little jealous that hogle zoo commented on your blog, but not on my facebook album :) Cute blog Alice, wish I weren't so fat! :)

Lizzy said...

That's so cool! Holy! Also, Kathy you look so cute in these pictures, and not fat at all, thank you very much.