Monday, January 26, 2009


Bad things happen when Aaron is gone. Thursday after Ethan's tubes Aaron got called to leave for Andrews Texas immediately. He flew out that night and I thought things would be ok, but Friday morning Ethan slammed his head into the toilet getting a big bump/bruise on this head. The rest of Friday seemed to be normal. Then... Saturday it rained all day.

Sunday we got up and as I was eating breakfast I heard the sump-pump turn on. I ran down stairs and found the LAKE.
My foot prints filled with water.
The water outside of our sliding glass door.
Soaking wet towels going into the basement.
I immediately called Aaron and he called Chris Clark to come over and suck up the water. Chris turned the sump-pump outside on and then started in on the inside. Little did we know that the back bedroom was also starting to flood.
Chris called some other people to help and I am pretty sure the whole ward came over to help. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful ward family.
Kathy came up to keep me company and to help.
The men tore out all the carpet and put it in the garage to "dry" and the mats were thrown in the trash. A dozen fans were turned on in the garage and downstairs to help dry out the carpet and the concrete.
For some reason we couldn't get the water that was coming in the back bedroom to stop, so every 5 minutes or so we had to start the shop vac and suck up the water.Carpet attempting to dry in the garage.

We ended up putting in another sump-pump in the back bedroom, so that Kathy and I wouldn't have to stay up all night vacuuming up the water.

The concrete is pretty much dry now and there is no more water coming into the house. Even though this was a HUGE DISASTER I am so very greatful to everyone who came to help and for the many more who offered.
Aaron just also let me know that he will not be in Texas for 3 weeks. He is coming home Wednesday night :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Alice, I am so sorry! Is there anything we can do to help? Wow -- do you have any idea what caused the lake? UGH!

Adriana said...

Whoa!!!! What a disaster! I am so glad that you had such nice ward members to help you out when Aaron couldn't be there! :)I hope it's not too costly to get it all put back together :(

I hope Ethan's head feels better!

Adriana said...

Oh yeah, how come you had so much water in your back yard... I can't imagine the snow melting that fast :)

Devanie said...

We are thinking about you guys. Come play sometime. I'm so GLAD Aaron gets to go back home. AND soo Sad he didn't get to go to Vegas. We have to do Costa Vida sometime next week cuz nathans leaving me again and that's good enough reason to go to COSTA VIDA!
Let me know when you have alunch break =)