Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Football Season

This was Ethan's first season playing football.  He did such an amazing job and it was so fun watching him learn and grow in the sport.  Ethan had amazing coaches that taught the boys plays and how to support their fellow teammates.  
 Landon and Lily were so great to come and support their big brother every Saturday.  We would usually pickup lunch and put out our lawn chairs and cheer for the team.

 Ethan learned how to play in special teams and also as a 40 back.  He was the youngest and also smallest on the team, but that never stopped him from trying his hardest.  It was the cutest thing to see the boys slap each other on their helmets and cheer for each other.
 Aaron was in charge of recording all of the games so that the coaches could review them and make changes and improvements.  It was really great to see how dedicated the coaches were to helping the boys grow and develop their skills in football.
 We were so proud of our number 29 football player and can't wait to watch and support him next season.  Wow, they sure do grow up fast.

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J. said...

You are back! Loved this post. Ethan is so tough. I hope I get to come see a game next season.