Monday, July 15, 2013

Grandma's visit

Grandma Nelson (Mom) finally came to visit.  We were so excited to have Grandma at our house for a week.  She was such a help with the house and the boys and Lily.  Lily loved getting baths from Grandma.

 Grandma was always playing with Ethan and Landon.  They played Play-Do, baseball, cars, lego, board games, and read stories together.  It was so nice having two more hands to play.

 It's always fun when Grandma comes when Grandma comes Hurray!
 Lily loved sleeping in Grandma's arms while she did things around the house.  Thanks Mom for coming to spend time with us.  We love you so much.


todd said...

Grandma didn't want to come home!

todd said...

Love that picture of Ethan and his shadow on the tramp. Also that last one, looks like everyone's playing wore Lily out!!