Monday, June 3, 2013

Lily's First Bath

 I was able to give Lily her first bath and home.  My mom usually has this honor, but because she wasn't able to make it to our house this week I was able to bathe my beautiful little girl.
 Lily really loved taking a bath.  She didn't even cry, unless her head was touching the cold tub.

 I loved snuggling with Lily and smelling her clean lotioned face when she was all dressed for bed.


Aaron said...

Cute Lil Lily. She looks so much like Ethan to me.

Deltha Nelson said...

I'm so sorry I missed giving Lily her first bath!!! It was kind of a tradition. Well, I promise I'll bathe her when I get up there in 3 weeks.

J. said...

She looks so sweet and tiny in the kitchen sink. Abu keeps saying she looks like Aaron.