Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Temple Square Lights

This year we decided to go to Salt Lake and see the lights at Temple Square. The boys have never seen the lights and it has been many years since Aaron or I have been there. We picked Aaron up from work last Tuesday and went over to the Temple. It was a little difficult to find a parking spot but we eventually found one. It was a perfect night to go, there were hardly any people so we were able to get close up to the manger seen and all the fountains which Ethan loved. The weather was perfect though. It was slightly cool because a storm was supposed to come in that night, but it was warm enough that Aaron didn't wear a coat.
The lights were truly beautiful and it was just what we needed to put us in the "real" Christmas spirit.


Aaron said...

Hey! Those pictures turned out alright (except for the one the missionaries took). Let's do it again next year.

Carolee said...

I love your photos of Temple Square! "We are a happy family... " is what started playing in my mind as I looked at them. Thanks for that! I'm all for happy families... especially when they are MY happy children!