Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Buzz Lightyear to Preschool

Today was wear your costume to school day. Ethan was so excited to wear his Buzz Lighyear costume and to show all of his friends.

Ethan looked so cute in his costume and many of the little kids were so excited to see a Buzz Lightyear. One little boy kept touching the wings and belt of Ethan's costume and saying how cool they were. If you know Ethan this makes him very uncomfortable and he immediately froze and kept giving me a worried look. So I distracted them by taking a picture.

All the kids were so cute and I can't wait to see all the neighborhood kids in their costumes this weekend.

Ethan with his best friend Cole. They are so cute together.
Sorry Ethan is always looking away in these pictures, but he was a little distracted by all the things going on around him.


Sherie said...

What a cool Buzz costume!! He looks so grown up! I can't believe he's already in preschool! Time flies...

Deltha Nelson said...

I love the costume pictures here and on facebook. Soooooooo cute.

Deltha Nelson said...
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