Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jungle Jim's

This past weekend we were able to get together with Aaron's sister at Jungle Jim's Playhouse. There were many rides for Ethan to go on and he had a wonderful time getting to know his Canas cousins.

He liked riding the air planes but had a hard time holding the lever down to make the plane stay high in the sky. He kept bouncing it up and down, which was pretty funny to see.

Ethan loved riding the swings with his cousin. He kept asking to go "AGAIN" and Isabell was the only one who would keep going with him. Whichever one of them was in front would keep looking back at the other one to make sure they were still on the ride. It was totally cute.

There was also a little roller coaster type ride. Aaron was nice enough to go with Ethan, because if I would have gone I probably would have started crying. It went really fast and my big boy was so brave.

Ethan also drove a jeep in the jungle, spun around with Christian, and rode a motorcycle and a cho cho train. He got to play games with his Daddy, Mommy, Aunt LaLa, Aunt Melanie, Grandma Stout, Jorge, Christian, and Isabell.

We had a wonderful time. Thanks for a great afternoon.


Adriana said...

ooh, I love to see that little! belly :D I hope you are cotinuing to feel good :D

Anonymous said...

Wow that little ride place can be so much fun. Ethan looks happy in the pictures and you are looking great Alice.

Aaron said...

Yah Alice you look blazing! It was a good time. That roller coaster was pretty terrifying for me too.